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The Slipcovered Sofa

Isn’t it funny how one thing can change the direction of one’s life? Mine, a move to Belgium. A two-year work assignment for my husband sent us over the Atlantic Ocean to Kapellen, a suburb of Antwerp, Belgium.

I had always been into design and loved decorating my home, but 2005 not only changed my design style, but the way my family lived. Before long we were living a much slower pace and enjoying life more. Dinners at home, bike rides for the kids, playing in the “garden”, and sight-seeing every chance we got. Our first daytrip was to France, where we ran into “Carnival” - a European celebration.


I must go back to a funny little situation though... When preparing for the move to Belgium, the company where my husband worked allowed us to bring along some of our household furnishings. Well, I had a strong dislike for our sage colored sofa that was no longer in style. I’ll leave it home, I thought. I would "for sure" have a new sofa before long. Turns out it took quite some time; we had been living in Belgium for over a year when I found the perfect sofa in Holland. They were made-to-order and I had not considered the fact that it would take almost another three months before it was in our home.

Our boys were four and six at the time, and our daughter was fifteen. Regardless, I chose a white slipcovered sofa. Turns out it was a great decision. The sofa was extremely well made and had a cotton/linen blend slipcover that could be machine-washed. And it has been - many times! Aside from a zipper needing repaired. It is in great condition. Yes, even with raising our family!  Here is a 2007 picture of our sofa shortly after we got it.

And here it is in 2022!


Now, years later, as I researched sofas to offer at Sunday Visits, I sought a company that offered furniture that was distinctive, stylish, well-built, and importantly – offered high-quality fabric slipcover options. I searched a long time before finding Cisco Brothers. One sofa of theirs - the Donato - reminded me so much of the one I had purchased in Holland. Here it is a picture of the Donato.


I was excited to learn more about Cisco and now have the honor of selling their furniture. Here’s a little background on Cisco Brothers.

They are a family business that cares about the quality and design of their furniture. They are based in LA, and also manufacture their handmade furniture in High Point, North Carolina. Their designs are timeless, yet they continue to bring new designs and fabrics to their lines, even offering eco-friendly and sustainable options and they are a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council. Here is a picture of the Cisco showroom in High Point.

Cisco Home furniture is definitely in demand. Each furniture piece is handmade by skilled craftspeople, and you can tell the difference. Their goal is to create furniture that is good for you, and the environment.

Although lead times are long due to strong demand and supply chain challenges, I placed an order for several pieces months ago and they will be arriving soon. I also have the full range of fabric samples and product photos and details. Please call or email me at to find out what I have on order or to schedule a meeting to learn more about Cisco Brothers furniture.

Warmly, Wenda