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About Us

Hi, I’m Wenda, owner of Sunday Visits Home, an online home décor and furniture store that opened in August 2021. My team and I have had so much fun that I am opening a storefront in Ankeny, Iowa in early 2023..

Sunday Visits came to life because of my passion for anything home design. When I was young, my mother, an artist, surrounded us with beautiful art and design. My childhood home was always changing - but always comfortable - and it was fun to see what my mom’s creativity would bring next.
My Danish maternal grandmother also heavily influenced my style. As a child, I knew her home was different. It was cozy, which we now call "hygge", and she had the most beautiful light colored leather sofa, dimmed lighting, and clocks ticking. She had a church bench pulled up to her kitchen table with cushions that you’d sink into. I loved her small and very cozy home!
My husband, kids and I had the pleasure of living in Belgium for two years and once again, I found myself in awe of the what I was seeing and feeling. I soaked in the beautiful design of Belgium and as we traveled through Europe my view of design was expanded.
I absolutely love seeking out special items, furniture, home décor and more for the home. I love the hunt for beautiful items with a story and if they are handmade that is even more special. Check out our website and if you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about our store opening.